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Our services include dog walking, cat sitting visits, pet sitting, pet waste clean-up and pet taxi services. We are your dog’s best walking partner. You can remain confident in our services as we’ve got you covered and promise to exceed your expectations. We are bonded and insured. All our policies cover every member of our team!

Dog Walking

We Love Dogs

Is your dog restless at home? Is it time for a change of scenery? We have your back! Indulge your dog in a trip into nature that will help relieve stress, stimulate the mind, and calm anxiety. Depending on your preferences and your dog’s needs, walks can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

Cat Sitting

We Love Cats

You can count on us to take care of your cat’s every need during our 30-minute Cat Visits, including everything from refilling their kibble to giving them belly rubs to just cuddling! We’ll take care of whatever your cat needs! In the security and comfort of your cat’s own home, we’ll meet them every day and take better care of them.

Pet Sitting Visits

Piece of Mind

What are your travel plans? We’ve got precisely what you’re looking for! Nothing beats the coziness of your own home when it comes to relaxation! When you’re away, your pets will be pampered and cared for by their favorite pet care professional. Sessions can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes on average. There is no additional charge for administering medication as part of this service.

Pet Taxis

Safe & Convenient

Your pets can be taken to boarding, daycare, veterinarian appointments, and grooming by our pet taxi service. A toilet break and a private air-conditioned trip are all included in each pet taxi. Our pet taxi service gives you and your pet the commitment and quality of service you deserve. Pet Taxi is the ideal solution for many pet owners because it is convenient and practical for their pets.

Why Choose Us?

Long Island Pet Service’s primary goals is to offer a consistently high level of pet service and building long-term connections with pet owners in Long Island Nassau, Suffolk Queens, and Brooklyn, New York. To ensure we only hire the best, we do thorough background checks on all applicants. We make sure they are trustworthy and reliable before sending them into your home.

Mission Statement
Is to create a pet-friendly service that is unique, high-quality, dependable, and affordable. We aim to be the best pet service company by offering a wide range of top-notch pet service options. Our caring and experienced staff will provide your pets with a fun, comfortable, and nurturing environment while providing the highest level of service and attention to you, your pet, and your family.
Vision Statement
Our goal is to be Long Island’s best-known and most trusted pet care service. To accomplish this, we will rely on the expertise and experience of our team, who will bring value to our services.

Core Values

Passionate care for all pets is what we provide. Contact us today!

  • Transparency 100% 100%
  • Reliability 100% 100%
  • Love 100% 100%
  • Positive Attitude 100% 100%

"Gil is the best. My dog waits at the window for him. He is reliable and so enthusiastic even when it is freezing out!"

Anne O.

Long Island, NY

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