Do you want to take the plunge and welcome a new cat into your home but have questions? This article is for you! 

You have to think carefully before adopting a cat, it is not a toy, and it is not a decision to be taken on a whim. It will remain your cat for many years and will need attention daily.

The Breed’s Special Needs

Different cat breeds have their own requirements regarding what they should eat, the treatments they receive, or where they stay. Get to know the cat breed you are adopting better to understand its special needs and offer everything needed.


You also need to look at the health status of the cat you wish to adopt. No one wants to bring in an unvaccinated cat or one with underlying conditions yet to be detected. You can consult the previous owner or the rescue center from which you are getting the cat. If you have no idea, you can visit a veterinarian who will conduct the necessary tests and confirm if the cat is vaccinated and in the perfect state of health.

Do You Have Enough Space In Your Home For A Cat?

Even if your feline friends love to laze on the couch purring, they need space to let off steam. If you have a very small apartment (student, for example), your cat will not be fully happy, and even if you give him all the love in the world, unfortunately, that will not be enough.

However, that doesn’t mean a cat can’t thrive in a bigger apartment. Likewise, if you are absent from morning to evening, you will be bored.

Have You Anticipated The Budget Allocated To Your Cat?

Even if your cat is in good health, there will be monthly costs for its food, vaccinations, toys, transport box, litter box, etc.

Be sure to find out about the cost of this to be sure you can get him everything he needs.

Regarding food, it must be of high quality. This will depend on your cat’s breed, its lifestyle (apartment cat or outdoor cat), sterilized or not, etc. You can ask your veterinarian for more information on the daily ration and the best nutritional intake.

Other expenses may arise, especially if your cat has health concerns. You will need to be able to pay veterinary fees.

Do You Have Time For Your Cat?

For example, the cat may be an independent animal more than the dog, but it will still need stimulation, games, caresses, and short attention. Therefore, it will be necessary to have time for your cat, especially through daily play sessions, to let off steam physically and mentally. During your absences, you can provide him with games (cat trees) so that he can, if he wishes, occupy himself and play (especially for kittens who need to play regularly so as not to be bored).

A cat that finds no stimulation in its environment may develop certain symptoms such as aggression or anxiety.