Going Over Everything You Need To Know Before Adopting A Puppy In Honor Of National Puppy Day, March 23rd

One of the most exciting holidays March has to offer is nearly here! No we’re not talking about Saint Patrick’s Day, we’re talking about National Puppy Day! National Puppy Day occurs annually on March 23. It is a holiday dedicated to celebrating the joy and companionship that puppies bring into our lives.

In honor of National Puppy Day, this article will discuss everything you need to know about puppies before you adopt. Being a puppy/dog owner is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly. We hope that this article helps better prepare you for the responsibility and wonderful relationship between you and your new four-legged friend.

Lifestyle illustration

Lifestyle illustration

Lifestyle Considerations

Before bringing a puppy home, assess your current lifestyle. Does being a puppy owner coincide with your current lifestyle? It’s important to ask yourself this question because puppies demand time, attention, and a consistent routine. Consider your work schedule, social life, and any upcoming life changes. 

All of these things will play a major factor into whether or not adopting a puppy is a good choice for you and your lifestyle. Puppies thrive in environments with stable routines and dedicated caregivers. Therefore, you should only adopt a puppy if you can accommodate them and their needs. 

Time Commitment

Furthermore, raising a puppy requires a significant time investment. This is because puppies need playtime, walks, training sessions, and plenty of attention. If your schedule is hectic, consider how you’ll manage the time commitment required for proper puppy care.

Additionally, write out your current daily & weekly schedule. Include how much time you spend doing certain activities and if you are willing to cut any of these activities out of your schedule. Do this to get a better idea of whether or not caring for a puppy is something you have time for.

Financial planning

Financial planning

Financial Commitment

Owning a puppy is a huge financial commitment. According to Pettable, the average cost to own a dog in the state of New York is $2,305.57. This includes just the basics like food, vet bills, and vaccines. There will most likely be some additional costs like grooming supplies, toys, treats, flea & tick prevention, etc.

Therefore, it’s vitally important to sit down and take a look at your finances. Does the cost of caring for a dog fit into your budget? This is an important, realistic question you need to ask yourself before you adopt a puppy. 

Research Breeds

Different breeds have distinct characteristics, energy levels, and care requirements. Therefore, research breeds that align with your lifestyle and preferences. Some breeds may be more suitable for families with children, while others might be better suited for individuals with active lifestyles. For more information on choosing the right breed of dog for you, click here

Pet-Proofing Your Home

Just like you would baby-proof a home for a child, it’s essential to pet-proof your living space. Remove hazards such as toxic plants, small objects that could be swallowed, and secure any loose wires. Create a safe and comfortable space for your new puppy.

By doing this, you are setting your new puppy up for success and preventing them from hurting themselves or others. The best way to keep a new puppy safe is to give them a safe environment. For more information on pet-proofing your home, click here.  

A puppy at the veterinarian

A puppy at the veterinarian

Veterinary Care

Veterinary visits are very important for puppies. The A.K.C. (American Kennel Club) reports that puppies should see the veterinarian every 2 to 3 weeks until they are around 16 to 20 weeks old. Most of these visits consist of the puppy receiving important top-up vaccines.

Therefore, be sure to schedule a vet visit shortly after bringing your puppy home. Regular check-ups, vaccinations, and preventive care are vital for their overall health. Additionally, talk to your veterinarian about spaying/neutering options and establish a vaccination schedule.

Training and Socialization

Puppies need guidance to become well-behaved members of the family. If left to their own devices, they will most likely develop bad behaviors like chewing furniture, digging holes, or jumping on people. Therefore, invest time into training and socialization for your puppy. to ensure your puppy grows into a well-adjusted adult dog. Basic commands, leash training, and exposure to various environments are crucial for their overall development.

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