Discussing The Invaluable Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Dog Walker During The Cold Winter Months

With the winter season comes the frigid winter weather. During winter, many people tend to retreat to their cozy homes or warm offices. However, dog owners must still face the snowy weather and freezing temperatures to ensure their furry friend gets a potty break. Needless to say, walking your dog during winter isn’t the most enjoyable experience. But, hiring a professional dog walker can solve this problem! This article will cover all of the great benefits of hiring a dog walker during the winter season. 

Dogs Needs Exercise

No matter how cold it is outside, your dog needs to be walked for both potty breaks and exercise. Every dog, regardless of age and/or breed, needs some form of daily exercise. Routine exercise is essential for keeping your dog healthy and limber. A survey conducted by the A.K.C. (American Kennel Club) found that 53% of U.S. dogs are overweight. Canine obesity is a serious problem that can often lead to other health complications such as diabetes, heart & respiratory disease, and orthopedic problems. All of these health complications can be avoided simply by hiring a professional dog walker. 

Dogs Needs Stimulation 

Routine exercise is not only physically healthy for your dog, but mentally healthy as well. Studies show that regular walks and exercise help reduce behavioral problems in dogs such as excessive barking, digging, chewing, licking, and other anxiety-related behaviors. Similar to people, dogs don’t enjoy being cooped up indoors all day. They want to experience the outside world, smell unfamiliar scents, meet new people/dogs, and mark their territory via peeing. A professional dog walker will ensure that your dog consistently receives the stimulation they both crave and deserve.

Dogs Need Socialization

Another important factor into any dog’s overall health is consistent socialization. Dogs are very social creatures and actively seek our attention and comfort. It’s important to keep your dog socialized with other people so they learn and develop proper social skills. Without proper socialization, a dog will not learn and understand the difference between good behavior and bad behavior. Hiring a dog walker will help improve your dog’s social skills by consistently interacting with the dog walker and people they pass on the sidewalk. 

Keeping You Comfortable & Stress Free

Hiring a professional dog walker provides benefits for both your dog and you. Knowing that you have someone you can trust to walk and care for your dog is a huge burden off of any pet owner’s shoulders. Life can be pretty chaotic and we don’t always find the time to give our pets all of the attention they need. That’s where Long Island Pet Services has you covered! We offer a variety of services including dog walking, pet sitting, overnight stays, and pet taxi services. Check out the services section on our website for more information. 

Peace Of Mind

Every dog needs proper amounts of exercise, stimulation, and socialization on a regular basis. If you feel that your dog isn’t getting enough of these things, then consider hiring a professional to walk, care for, and love your furry best friend. Hiring a professional dog walker will help keep your dog both healthy and happy during the cold winter months. Your dog deserves the best care available and we are happy to help provide that care.