Discussing What Items You Need To Make Your Cold Winter Dog Walks Better For You And Your Dog

Dogs don’t just want to go for walks, they need to go for walks. Dog walks are essential for exercise, stimulation, and potty breaks. However, taking your dog for a walk during the winter can be difficult. Between frigid temperatures, icy terrain, and snowy weather, it can be an overall unpleasant experience for both you and your dog. 

But, winter dog walks don’t have to be an unpleasant experience. With the proper planning and equipment, winter dog walks can be a breeze. This article will go over some of the basic essentials for dog walking in the winter. The items mentioned in this article will primarily benefit your dog. But, will also indirectly benefit you too!

A dog in a winter jacket

A dog in a winter jacket

Dog Jacket

While most dogs are covered in a fur coat, that doesn’t mean they can’t get cold. That’s where dog jackets come in! Dog jackets come in a wide variety of styles to meet every occasion. For winter, we recommend either a fleece dog jacket or a parka dog jacket. The fleece version will keep your dog extra warm while the parka jacket will keep them nice and dry. To learn more about dog jackets, click here

Dog Boots

A fairly newer addition to dog wardrobes is the dog boots. These little boots slip around your dogs’ paws and protect their pads from the elements. They prevent any ice from becoming lodged in your dogs’ paws and keep their paws dry. Additionally, they also provide more traction with built-in slip-resistant grips. To learn more about dog boots, click here

A dog receiving a treat

A dog receiving a treat

High Quality Treats

Dogs tend to be more active during the winter. This is because staying active helps keep them warm. Consequently, they tend to burn more calories as a result. Therefore, giving your dog some extra high quality treats during the winter can be very beneficial. Be sure to carry some extra treats with you during your cold winter dog walks. This will help incentivize your dog to go for winter walks and reward them for good behavior. For more information about quality dog treats, click here

A Warm Towel At Home

Even with dog jackets and dog boots, there’s a good chance your dog will get wet during your winter dog walk. That’s why we recommend drying off your dog after every winter walk. A large, soft towel should always be ready for when you return from your walk. 

Additionally, you can also throw a towel in the dryer just before you leave for your walk. Just for 10 minutes or so. That way, after your dog walks, you can dry your furry friend off with a nice warm towel. This isn’t 100% necessary, but it is a nice touch that most dogs will appreciate. 

Winter weather clothing & gear

Winter weather clothing & gear

Preparing Yourself

It’s also important for you, the dog walker, to stay warm & comfortable during your winter dog walks. That’s why we recommend always dressing appropriately. This entails wearing waterproof boots, a winter jacket, a winter hat, winter gloves, and winter pants/thermals underneath. Set yourself up for success by wearing clothes that will keep you warm and dry.

Additionally, it’s also a good idea to plan out your winter dog walks in advance. Be sure to check the weather the day or night beforehand and avoid walking in snow storms or blizzards. It’s also a good idea to take your longer dog walks during the day. This is because it’s significantly warmer when the sun is out. Even just a few degrees can make all the difference in overall comfort for you and your dog. 

Hire A Professional Dog Walker This Winter!

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