Discussing The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Pet Sitter While You’re On Summer Vacation

The Summer season has finally arrived! With the Summer season comes Summer activities, cookouts, and vacations. There’s a good chance you have already planned out your summer vacations. But, have you planned out what to do with your pets while you’re away? Our pets are like family, but they can’t always join us on our vacations. That’s where professional pet sitters come in!

You can leave your pets behind with peace of mind by having the professionals at Long Island Pet Service care for your pets. This article will discuss the importance of hiring a reliable and trustworthy pet sitter during your Summer vacations. 

Reasons To Hire A Professional 

Realistically, nearly anyone can provide a dog or cat with the basic necessities of food and water. But, our pets need more than just the basic necessities. Our pets are like family and they deserve to be treated like family. Here are just a few examples of what a professional pet sitter can offer you and your furry family. 


One of the most common complaints we hear from pet owners is that their friends or family members backed out of pet sitting for them at the last minute. This is both common and unfortunate for the pet owners and their pets. Here at Long Island Pet Service, we consider pets a priority. That’s why we never cancel and always show up on time. We understand that these animals are relying on us and we take that responsibility very seriously. 


When it comes to in-home pet sitting, trust means everything. You’re putting your trust in people to enter your home and care for your fur kids. That’s much easier said than done. Apps like Rover are very convenient, but you don’t get the opportunity to meet the pet sitter. It’s hard to develop a trustworthy relationship with someone that you’ve never actually met. 

Long Island Pet Service is much different. We offer a complimentary Meet & Greet with every new client. This way you get to know exactly who you’re working with and who you’re entrusting the care of your pets to. This also allows us to ask you questions about your furry family members so we can provide them the best care possible. 


When it comes to pet care, you want someone who knows what they’re doing. Experience working with animals isn’t something you can buy or fabricate, it is earned. The dedicated pet sitters here at Long Island Pet Service have put in countless hours working with our clients’ pets and their own. Our sitters are all die-hard animal lovers that understand what pets need and how to best meet those needs. 


Long Island Pet Service is a licensed and insured professional pet care provider. All of our sitters are bonded and covered by our insurance. Additionally, our pet sitters are respectful, courteous, and always maintain a level of professionalism. Our business is based around quality service with a quality attitude. We also use a professional pet sitting software called Time To Pet. This is an all-in-one portal/app that is free for you to use. You can use it to schedule services, review/pay invoices, add information about your pets, and communicate directly with  your sitters. 


Caring for pets isn’t just our career, it’s our passion. We love our pets and we always strive to care for your pets as if they were our own. When it comes to hiring a pet sitter, you want someone that truly cares about their work. Here at Long Island Pet Service, we will always go above and beyond to give your pets the quality care they need and deserve. 

Book Your Pet Sitter Today!

We hope you and your family take the time to enjoy a well deserved vacation this Summer. When planning out your destination, hotel, car rentals, etc. don’t forget to book your pet sitter! Pet sitting is a very competitive market and we tend to book up quickly. Reserve your dates and times today! Click here to become a new client. You can also give us a call at 516-247-6976. We look forward to hearing from you soon and have a fun, relaxing, and safe Summer vacation!