Discussing Why Safety Vests And Reflective Gear Is So Important For Nighttime Dog Walking

As dog owners, we all want to give our furry friends the best care possible. This is especially true when it comes to their safety. Taking your dog for a walk may seem like a simple task, but it can be dangerous. Most dog walking routes are alongside roads, cross roads, or are literally on a road. Drivers won’t notice you and your dog unless you stand out. That’s where reflective gear comes in. This article will cover everything you need to know about reflective gear, safety vest, and nighttime dog walking. 

The Dangers Of Nighttime Dog Walking

Walking your dog at night is sometimes unavoidable. You want to make sure they get a chance to go pee/poop and let out some leftover energy before bedtime. The problem with nighttime dog walking is that dog walkers often share the road with people driving vehicles. If an automobile driver doesn’t see you or you dog, then there’s a chance you and your dog will be hit, injured, or even killed. However, there are ways to make you and your dog more noticeable at night. The answer is reflective gear.

What Is Reflective Gear?

According to Prudential Overall Supply, reflective gear is defined as a fabric that is made of a fluorescent material. Reflective shapes or tape may be added to increase visibility. This reflective gear is essential for many occupations that involve being on or near high traffic roads. Reflective gear is much better than simply wearing bright clothes as the material of reflective gear actually reflects light back to the source. The headlights from a car, for example, are guaranteed to shine back to the driver. Reflective gear is essential for anyone who works or spends time on or near busy roads at night or in low visiblity weather like fog, rain, or snow. 

Reflective Gear For Dogs

There is a wide variety of reflective gear for dogs on the market today. They come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. But, they all serve the same purpose of keeping your dog safe. There are reflective coats that your dog can wear that make them noticeable even in the darkest conditions. There are also dog leashes and dog collars made of this reflective material as well. To shop for the latest high visibility gear for dogs, check out the Ruff Wear website

Safety Vest

Wearing a safety vest while dog walking is both a safe and practical thing to do. As the name implies, it is for your safety. Safety vests are often worn by emergency personnel, road flaggers, and construction crews. They are made of fluorescent material and often come in bright colors which alerts people that another human is in their field of vision. Whether it’s nighttime or bad weather, automobile drivers need to be able to see you. A safety vest can help do that and potentially prevent an accident or injury. 


Reflective clothing will help other people and drivers notice you. But, nothing gets people’s attention like glow sticks. Glow sticks are self contained short term light sources that are easy to use and hard to miss. They are translucent plastic tubes that contain isolated substances that are combined through cracking/bending the tube. Once these chemicals mix they emit a bright glow known as chemiluminescence. For extra protection, we recommend utilizing glow sticks during your nighttime dog walks. 


Being Noticed Can Save Lives

It all comes down to safety. Wearing reflective clothing, safety vests, glowsticks, reflective collars & leashes all contribute to keeping you and your furry friend safe. Thousands of dogs and their owners are hit by cars every year. You don’t have to be one of them. We encourage you to invest in some reflective gear for you and your furry friend so you can enjoy your nighttime walks without the fear of being hit by an automobile.

Leave It To The Professionals

Here at Long Island Pet Services, we take safety seriously. We treat your pets as if they were our own and always go above and beyond to keep them happy and safe. Our sitters frequently wear safety vests and other reflective gear when doing dog walks at night or in weather with low visibility. If you don’t feel comfortable walking your dog at night, then leave it to the professionals! Click here to become a client. Not sure about the prices? Click here to see our list of services and competitive rates. We hope to hear from you soon!