Offering Some General Advice On The Best Ways To Care For Your Dogs Paws During The Cold Winter Months

Taking your dog for walks is an essential part of being a dog owner. Dog walks provide  exercise, stimulation, and potty breaks. However, dog walks during winter can be hazardous to your dog’s paws. This is because dog paws are subjected to freezing temperatures, wet snow, and chunks of ice. 

This article will offer some general advice on how to protect, manage, and treat your dog’s paws. Additionally, this article will also discuss various products that can treat and prevent dog paws from winter hazards.

Dog paws in the snow

Dog paws in the snow

Why Winter Is Harsh On Dog Paws

Most people wear shoes or boots outside during winter to protect their feet from the elements. Dogs typically don’t have this luxury. Instead, dogs rely on their bare paws to get around. This means a dog’s paws are subjected to frigid temperatures, wet snow, and jagged ice.

Freezing cold temperatures can cause a dog’s paw pads to become dry and crack. Cracked pads can eventually bleed and become very uncomfortable. Additionally, small pieces of ice can build up and become stuck between a dog’s paw pads. This can also be very uncomfortable and result in wounds and bleeding. But, there are things you can do to protect your dog’s paws.

Preventive Measures

The best thing you can do to keep your dog’s paws safe this winter is to take preventative measures. It’s much easier to handle dog paw problems before they become a problem. Here are a few general suggestions on winter dog paw care.

Dog Paw Balm

A great product to use to protect your dog’s paws is dog paw balm. Dog paw balm is specifically designed to penetrate the tough skin of paw pads. It helps keep your dog’s paw pads moisturized and prevents cracking. This product can also help heal dry or cracked paw pads too! For more information on the best dog paw balm products on the market, click here.

Doggy Boots

Another way to protect your dog’s paws is by having them wear doggy boots. These tiny boots come in sets of four and are specifically designed to fit around your dog’s paws. Doggy boots come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to meet your dog’s needs. They help keep your dog’s paws dry and protect them from any pieces of ice hidden in the snow. For more information on the best dog boots on the market, click here

An owner and dogs going for a winter walk

An owner and dogs going for a winter walk

Walk Where It’s Shoveled

When it comes to your winter dog walks, plan out the safest paths to walk. Typically speaking, you should walk on paths that are not deeply covered in snow or ice. Walking through thick snow and/or ice only increases the chances of your dog getting ice or cold, wet snow in between their paws. 

We recommend shoveling your lawn, driveway, and sidewalk so your dog has a safe walking path. No matter where you walk your dog, give them a clear path so they can enjoy their walk and potty break in peace. 

Wipe The Paws After Every Walk

A good habit to get into is to wipe off your dog’s paws after every winter walk. Have a designated towel ready by the door for when you return from your dog walks and wipe those paws off thoroughly. 

Many sidewalks and paths are covered in salt or chemical deicers which can be harmful to your dog if licked off. Wiping off your dog’s paws after every walk will ensure they don’t lick and ingest any dangerous salts or chemicals. It also dries off your dogs paws making them feel overall more comfortable.

A dog waiting to be walked

A dog waiting to be walked

Looking For A Pet Sitter Or Dog Walker?

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